As promised, here's some free stuff for your listening pleasure – hopefully it will give you asneaky peek behind the scenes at what we've been up to:

The first bit of stuff is a pre-release from our soon-to-be-released EP. It's called Fat on Purpose and it's about that.
As a special extra, here's a live recording from a gig we played on May 18th. We like to think of it as 'irritating reggae performance theatre'. It's called Rapunzel.
(If you have any problems with the downloads or want to access them later, the links will also be sent to your email address. In fact, they're probably already there. Also, right-click to download. And welcome to the Internet.)
And finally, we cut together some footage from a few of our gigs and recordings into a little video to say thanks for signing up. Again, it's pretty rough, but exclusive!

We hope you like the goodies.

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Thanks very much for your support,

The Juice