The Juice are a new band – so much so that you might not even know them yet. They even smell new. A bit plasticky.



They play a new type of 'almost reggae' with lots of intricate, interlocking rhythmic components inspired by African drumming, memorable melodies and a sense of humour so dry that it might make your face peel. In a good way. They also know how to delight an audience and make them do things. Like dance and smile.

Led by Jacob Kinniburgh (on drums, philosophy and irritation), the ever-changing lineup currently comprises, Mark George (on guitar, moustache and bad taste), Leon Duncan (on xylophone, keys and footy) and Gerard Assi (on guitar, hirsuteness and magic).

Band members' individual accomplishments include: a runner-up trophy in the City of Brunswick's 'Such moustache competition', recognition and acceptance from the staff at Northcote Lambs, crossing Sydney road in busy traffic with a xylophone and a sash for 'pie-eating champion' at the Bairnsdale show.


Our debut EP has been recorded and is currently on its way. In case you need to hear us now, here's a recording from a gig we did once:

And here are some moving images with sound:

Need anything else? Please get in touch.